Saturday, October 17, 2009

Batman and Sons: Mr. Bat-Mom Part One

I'll be the first one to admit, I love stories of Bruce's failed attempt at domestic life. This man has been portrayed as someone who can burn a pot of water. But what if he was able to overcome his insecurities to the daily chores he thinks is part of a normal life, and step up to the plate to help his family out in their time of need?

Well, in this first Bat-chapter, we have witnessed Bruce winning the approval of Alfred and his two youngest sons, Tim and Terry as he puts his best efforts to care for them. But for the two older boys, Dick and Jason, this sudden change in their father has become their worse nightmare.

So what exactly will these two Robins do to pull Bruce out of the kitchen and back to being the Dark Knight?

Well, you’ll just have to wait for the next Bat-chapter of Mr. Bat-Mom!

(Hmm, better start working on it.)

Note: I was going to do this story first before Rivalry but of course, I changed my mind. So for me, I still think of this story taking place before JLA/JSA Family Gathering. If you want to think that way too, that's fine with me.


  1. wow, i love it, i can't believe u dont have any comments. i'll tell my batfriens to see your blog, i really like this story. BTW, i have a Batblog too, can i post any of your draws? the blog is:

  2. I love this blog!!!! and this comic, it was so hilarious!!!!

  3. I am impressed with your humour. I loved adult batman being burped by alfred, the lack of following directions, flash cleaning and the manipulation of alfred. Awesome.

    The only danger of reading it at work is that people want to know what I'm laughing about.

    Also, your art work rocks :-D

  4. The little bat looks so cute, I love this saga, it is so creative and interesting.

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  5. what a great depiction of bat family, i love it in every bits

  6. I've been reading all night since I stumbled upon this, and this may seem strange to say, but you've absolutely endeared Batman as more of a father and as a character to me. The impressively sharp and multi-layered humour, many clever and on-tack inside jokes, the heart and the cuteness have made your comic strip nothing short of respectably amazing, poignant and satirical at once.

    May I suggest a brief description of who's who that have appeared in all your strips. I had a hard time working out who half of the characters were in the father-son competition story; you can't assume that everyone would know they were, jut by design and name.

    Also, this blog is the wrong format to be showcasing the images and dialogue as intended; I found that all of them were too small to read and makes for a clumsy reading experience.

    May I suggest transporting into a more user-friendly platform or enlarging the images?

    Otherwise, keep up the brilliant work and I can't believe you don't get more recognition these scant comments.

    So, far my favourites would be Bat-Mom, the competition and the 'parent not letting go of a child growing up' strips.

    More, please.