Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Conclusion: Ace in the Hole

Dedicated to the memory of my cat, Buddy, who passed away a few days ago.

He was a sweetheart. I miss him and I love him.


  1. I'm sorry for your cat's passing; did he inspire your Butch and Sunny strip?

    So either the name "Ace" is cursed, or all the Bat family (specifically Tim's) pets are.

    I would love to see Jason and Krypto make a power spree! Hopefully not as Red Hood, though; Jason's tale was a tragic one. :(

    Thank you for posting up the conclusion! I hope you can continue Batman and Sons.

  2. i'm very sorry about your cat, i felt the same, my cat pass away and now he play the lyra in a some cloud in the cat's heaven like yours.

    well i love Terry is soooo kiut and sweet, and all characters i like much. specially the part when he tried to get the teddy bear from connor XD

    well continues with the great proyect

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  4. u make really good comics thair are fantastic I think that u should also make a comic when the kids are teenagers that would be super cool with dick as nightwing Tim as red robin and Jason as red hood and Terry as him self lol and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry about you cat I bet he was the gratest cat and the sweetest to *hugs* <3 I hope u feel better and take my idea into consideration thank u

  5. I love the series, but I think you miss-titled this.
    I've gone ahead and came up with a few new, albeit terrible, ones for your consideration:

    ~"Why The Bat Family Can't Keep Nice Things"

    ~"If Abandonment-Issues Were Super Powers, The Bat Family Would Be Considered Gods"

    ~"The Secret That Jason Won't Have To Keep For Very Much Longer"

    ~"Terry McGinnis's Guide To Killing 'Em With Cuteness; Forward By Maggie Simpson"

    ~"Get Used To It, Timothy Drake"

    Though, that last Peanuts-Reference one is a bit unfair seeing as even Charlie "HerpDerp" Brown has been able to keep his dog alive for over 50 years.
    ((**Random Thought: Could you do a Peanuts-ripoff with Drake as Charlie Brown? I mean, the kid is basically the Charlie Brown of the DC Universe anyway.))

  6. That's what happened to me in Minecraft, I named a mutt Ace and tried to bring him up to my upstairs living room and died of fall damage

  7. Sad story never should've happened he was Robin's best friend

  8. Just in case your wondering I'm both Tim Drake and Sonic the Hedgehog